Monday, 20 January 2014


Hey dragon house! OMG wil actually be posted so check that out ( : well dragons, Farewell and stay in the dragon house!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

My YouTube channel

Hey dragons of the dragon house! Anyone know about Minimanreviews21? Well that's my YouTube channel. Mostly minecraft vidios will be posted but also OMG will be posted. A ton of vidios will be posted soon so check it out and stay in the dragon house!


Hey dragons of the dragon house! I've been recruited to tell you to watch me and pinknwhites webshow called..... OMG!!!!!!!! Now this will be reliesed on YouTube very soon so look out and stay in the dragon house!

An amazing return

A big return is coming to my blog! Big competitions, moshlings, and even some Minecraft! Also, we now have a modo, The dragon house. So stay tuned in my dragon house!

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Great Moshi Benstalk aka TGMB

Do you know about the great Moshi treasure hunt? Well soon a new feature called The Great Moshi Beanstalk is coming to Moshi Monsters! All I know about this is that there will be some new moshlings and it's coming August 5th! Happy monstering!!!

Misty week news

Sorry about the posting. I haven't posted much latly. Anyway a lot of moshlings are coming out or are already out. Moshi has just revealed that every week for four (or more!) weeks a new moshling will come out. Like this week misty came out! For the following weeks an unknown flower moshling, toasty, prickles and maybe some other moshlings will be released. Mistys code is:

Yellow pepper
Purple dragon
Any snap

Pinestein is released as well and his code is:

Purple love
Purple magic
Yellow magic

Zack binspin will be released too this month when moptop misteif mission 6 season 3 comes out. So that's pretty much it. So happy monstering monsters!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

News update!

Hi today is an update day! I should do this every week but I'm still deciding on that but here's the latest news for Moshi!

There's been alot of stuff happening but just reveled a new secret code button along with the new loading page! Now alot of you can't see that but now it says got a secret code? Last time it was secret code but now it says got a secret code? It's very good that I'm the first Moshi blog to report this. Bye!

Some of you can see something arty that has been reveled. Yep that's right a new loading page! Now this is arty because it's a picture frame! On the outside its a garden with bushes and stuff. On the inside of course is the loading page! But it's not just the loading page. It's also the game it's self! Bye!

Just reveled a new moshling called Ziggy and is either in the sporties or the hipsters set. Ziggy is white and black with a purple star on his right eye. Ziggy is a cat and is spotted around the Roarberry bushes in music island. Bye!

That's all the info for this week but this post will be updated. Bye!